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International Direct Dial - No More Access Numbers!

July 26th, 2010

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Never Dial Another Access Number Ever Again!

Direct Speed Dial Saves You TimeProgram up to 70 phone numbers you call the most and connect to them instantly by dialing a dedicated PIN-less Direct Dial number that provides an instant one-step connection to your party.

  • No more Access Numbers to dial
  • No more PINs to enter
  • No more long international numbers to remember

This feature is especially useful for customers making international calls from their cell phones. Program your Direct Speed Dial numbers into the phone book of your mobile phone and make calls simply by selecting their name!

Instead of dialing an access number and then an international number, you simply dial one dedicated U.S. or Toll Free number that will be assigned for each party you wish to call and we will connect you instantly without any additional dialing.

This means that you can enter this Direct Speed Dial number into your phone address book and call directly from the address book of your phone. If you are calling from a phone with unlimited long distance service, like your mobile phone for example, you can dial the regular U.S. Direct Speed Dial number. If you are calling from a phone that does not offer free long distance calls in the U.S., then you can use the Toll Free Direct Speed Dial number. This feature is the most useful for calling international numbers, although it can also be used for U.S. domestic calling.

Suggested Uses for Direct Speed Dial:
  • Dial from the phone book of any phone most importantly from a mobile phone. This provides the convenience of one-touch dialing, and makes certain that you will not get a bill from your mobile or long distance carrier for accidentally dialing an international number as you will just be dialing a US or Toll Free phone number. Just enter the name and the corresponding Direct Speed Dial Number into your phone book and the next time you need to call just select the name and be instantly connected to your party without any additional dialing, PIN numbers, etc.

  • Help your elderly parents make dialing simpler. Our experience shows that older folks frequently (one out of every two times) misdial international calls when using Peanuts Prepaid. Provide them with the list of Direct Speed Dial numbers and they will no longer need to dial 30 digits to make a call, but instead just one simple U.S. or Toll Free number.

Getting started is very easy! Simply log in to your Peanuts Prepaid account and go to the 'Speed Dial' menu. Enter the names and phone numbers of the people you wish to call and click 'Save'. Both a U.S. and Toll Free dedicated Direct Speed Dial number will be assigned for each person and displayed next to their name. Dial either direct speed dial number from any phone number registered on your account to be directly connected to your party.

Peanuts Prepaid Balance Expiration Policy

Effective immediately, Peanuts Prepaid balances will expire if there are no recharges made within a 12-month period. A minumum $20 recharge is required to rollover the balance to the next 12-month period. As long as this minimum recharge is made at least once per year, your Peanuts Prepaid balance will never expire. Click to go up

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