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Long Distance POST
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Prepaid Long Distance
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Prepaid Long Distance, Phone Cards, broadband

International Phone CardsInt'l Phone Cards
Prepaid Long DistancePrepaid Long Distance
International Cell PhonesInternational Cell Phones
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Long Distance POST - The least expensive way
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LDPOST offers everything for your communications needs

Belmont Telecom Inc./Long Distance Post is dedicated to providing a selection of low-cost prepaid calling cards, the best residential and commercial long distance phone services/programs, Toll Free 800 numbers, T1 voice and data services, services for existing and new mobile phone users and other discount telecommunications services.

LDPOST has served all 50 states since 1994. As a long distance company, LDPOST has signed exclusive contracts with a number of carriers and service providers. Long Distance Post brings customers to service providers. In exchange, we get the most favorable LD rates. We pass these rates to you, our customer.

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Long Distance POST/Belmont Telecom Inc. also offers you a great business opportunity. You can become a Prepaid Calling Cards Affiliate and receive 6% commissions on sales made to your customers on our web site. We will offer a complete web page and instructions. All you will need to do is to let other people know about our rates and services. You will be able to track all of your customers with web-based reports automatically updated in real time. If you choose to buy calling cards in volume instead, you can receive much higher discounts on volume purchases.

On our web, you will find a fully automated Web Store, where you can buy a calling card and receive an instant PIN - to make a call right away. Or, you can sign up for long distance service. One thing that really separates us from the competition is our Customer Service. As you may have learned by now, you will have little luck reaching a live person at most companies selling stuff on the internet. Our customer service reps will answer your phone call any day except Sunday, and we try to avoid long holding periods.

Check our privacy policy for our Web Store.

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HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

More and more Americans are relying now on Cell Phones - LDPOST offers the most aggressive pricing for cellular products and services available in the marketplace. Now you can make a long distance call from your MOBILE phone or any other phone at extremely low rates without switching your long distance company. Please check out the plans for mobile phones that are available at your area and select the plan that is best for you.

Whether by searching and shopping at our site or by having one of our experts do the shopping for you - you will be satisfied with the range of communications products LDPOST offers you.

Long Distance Post is a company that has been excelling in the telecommunications field for over ten years. Specializing in prepaid services such as phone cards, mobile phones, but also offering services such as VoIP, high speed internet access and long distance service.

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Advertising costs are the biggest bottom line cost that AT&T, MCI, and Sprint face. Trying to get customers by advertising on TV and by making cold calls to consumers at dinnertime is an expensive way of getting customers. For example, AT&T paid approx. $285 million to Whitney Houston to sing "Reach Out and Touch" for a commercial. They also paid for commercial production costs, and airtime costs. They are always doing print and non-print media advertising, and running call centers with hundreds of operators making calls 10 hours per day asking people to change to their service. This does not include AT&T's large employee hierarchy. How do you think they pay for all of this? By including it in the price they charge you. The carriers that we use do not advertise. That is why you may not have heard of them. This does not mean that they are any less dependable. It is a marketing strategy. By not advertising in traditional ways they are able to provide you long distance service at a deeply discounted price. The process of getting customers on the internet is much cheaper. Advertising is an attempt to create product image and brand loyalty. It creates an image in your mind, but in reality all phone service that we offer is identical to the best carrier that you have ever had. If you want a brand name, feel free to pay for it. If they spend huge amounts to advertise a rate plan, you can bet there is small print that makes it profitable (profitable = more costly than you think) after paying off the huge marketing campaign's bill. We offer you the alternative of paying less for the exact same service. There is no catch! This process is just like off branding, where a company wants to sell excess production or excess capacity and uses a different name to sell the same product for less without compromising the brand price structure.

Long Distance Post's mission is to provide its customers with low-cost, high-quality residential and commercial long distance telephone services/programs that exist in the industry, low-cost prepaid calling cards, Toll Free 800 numbers, T1 voice and data services, post-paid phone cards, services for existing and new mobile phone users and other discount services.

Because we are an independent agency we can recommend services from aggregators, regional carriers, inter exchange carriers, or resellers, objectively. All reseller/carrier products marketed by LDPost are tariffed and licensed in all 50 states.

Your QuestionsOur Answers
Who is Long Distance Post (LDPost)? LDPost is a telecom reseller and master agency of many long distance companies. We promote calls within USA and international calls with best quality of connection and lowest rates.
What does Long Distance Post do? We provide both domestic and long distance telephone services to our customers at lowest possible rate.
What is the goal of Long Distance Post (LDPost)? Our goal is to provide the best telecom rates along with news and business information.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Long Distance Post services? We are promoting only the best rates available at the market, you can save time and money by using our services.The disadvantage is that we are not a carrier company.
How can I benefit with Long Distance Post (LDPost)? We provide best rates in the USA and all international calls for our residential customers. As our customer base increase, we will be able to negotiate with long distance providers to get better rates which will be passed over to you.
Is telephone service available for both residential and business customers? Yes. There are better rates available for business customers and heavy users.
Do you have a calling card? Yes. You can choose from a variety of calling cards offered by LDPost.
Do you provide 800 service? Yes we do. The rate for the 800-Number service will be the same. If you have a toll free number or you wish to have a new one, please discuss it with our customer service representative.
Can I call from anywhere, using any phone in USA? To call from anywhere, using any phone in USA use our prepaid calling cards offers.
Do you have telephone services available in other countries? The long distance telephone service for residential or commercial customers is available only in the United States of America. You may use pre-paid or post-paid calling cards in some other countries.
What if I have more questions? Visit our Support page. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT us. We will be glad to answer any additional question you may have.

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phone cards Prepaid Phone Cards |  dial around long distance Prepaid Long Distance |  mobile phones Prepaid Mobile |  broadband phone Int'l Call Forwarding |  broadband phone Support 

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