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International Cell Phone - Stay Connected while Abroad

OneSimCard is a prepaid international cell phone provider that allows you to take your cell phone overseas without incurring high roaming charges from your current wireless service provider. If you already own an unlocked tri-band or quad-band GSM cell phone, the International SIM Card Solution is the package that will best fit your needs. All you need to do is purchase a OneSimCard SIM card, which you can charge and recharge with an optimum calling plan depending on where you are traveling, and place it inside your cell phone.

Prepaid Mobile Phones and Their Role in Next Generation Telecom

With more and more cell phone carriers developing security specifications to cement their control over their customers, mobile industry insiders criticize these new measures as steps in the wrong direction for the future of mobile communications. Such technologies as SIMlock/Device Personalization are designed to prevent you from switching mobile carriers or reselling your cell phone. Despite the purported benefits of these new security features, they are not in the mobile phone customers' best interests.

Telecommunications in Foreign Language Education for International Students

One of today's exciting telecommunications solutions for ESL students is prepaid long distance service. Providing the reliable telephone and VoIP connection between the North American continent and the rest of the world, prepaid calling services make it possible for tens of thousands of students to feel closer to home.

Using a Mexico Calling Card: Update Your Speed Dial Setting

The growing market demand for low-cost, high connection quality phone card solutions, combined with the exploding power of the Latino community, is making the need for a custom-tailored international phone card all the more acute. Some of the more advanced PIN-less calling cards will often feature a system whereby you can preregister your frequently called numbers in your online account.

Ukraine Long Distance Plans: Your House Phone Plugged Into the Best Savings

The versatility of an advanced long distance plan makes it ideal for most subscribers, enhancing their quality of life through 24-hour access to low per-minute rates to such destinations as Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, just to name a few.

Using an International Calling Card: Save on Domestic Calls

Advanced international calling cards are quickly catching on as a viable option for domestic long-distance communications solution. One draw is the ability to use the same calling card for all your international calling destinations. From Orange, Massachusetts to Orange, California, the prepaid phone cards are here to help you wring out more from every dollar spent on telecommunications.

Prepaid Cell Phones: a Great New Alternative to Contract Mobile Phones

Developed as an enhancement to billed cellular services, prepaid cellular telephones have gone beyond their original function of controlling mobile phone costs. The combination of seamless roaming performance, international text messaging capabilities and free unlimited incoming calls allows prepaid mobile to be used with as much flexibility as monthly cellular plans.

Details of the Refer a Friend Program

The LDPOST refer a friend program was created as an incentive for existing LDPOST customers to spread the word of our honest, affordable, reliable products. Customers referred with the same name or address as yours will not receive commissions. This program is designed to attract NEW customers. Therefore all referred customers must have unique contact information.

Prepaid Phone Cards: Ready for the Holidays?

One way to cruise through this holiday season is actually by communicating! It's common sense: good communication reduces stress, increases physical and emotional well-being, and heightens confidence levels.

History of GSM and More

The idea of the first cellular network was brainstormed in 1947. It was intended to be used for military purposes as a way of supplying troops with more advanced forms of communications. From 1947 till about 1979 several different forms of broadcasting technology emerged. The United States began to develop the AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service) network, while European countries were developing their own forms of communication.

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