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Prepaid Mobile

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Prepaid wireless
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Prepaid Wireless Services/Plans and Prepaid Mobile Phones:

  • A prepaid mobile phone (also commonly referred to as pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-talk, "pay and go", or prepaid wireless) is a mobile phone for which airtime credit is purchased in advance of service use.

  • Unlike traditional cell phone plans, with prepaid wireless you don't have to sign a one- or two-year contract and worry about early termination fees.

  • Because you pay in advance, no credit check is required - everyone is approved.

  • Prepaid mobile phone is a great way to stay in control of your spending.
Prepaid cell
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Order Prepaid Mobile Cellular Services and/or Phones today and start enjoying wireless freedom without the high cost.

Prepaid wireless features are the same as those that billed mobile plans offer:
 Voice Mail Voice Mail
 Call Forwarding Call Forwarding
 Text messages Text messages
 No Contract No Contract to sign
 No Roaming On Net charges No Roaming On Net charges
 prepaid wireless Cancel at any time

Prepaid Mobile Phone Traveling Abroad? Go prepaid and save!

International prepaid wireless is a great way to stay connected to friends, family, colleagues and to essential local services in the countries of your stay, and avoid incurring high roaming charges.

OneSimCard is a one of the most affordable international roaming solutions on the market providing you with prepaid mobile services in over 200 countries. You can save up to 90% compared to your regular wireless service providers. Never come home to a huge cell phone bill again.

Learn more about international prepaid mobile service now.

Calling rates that can easily save you hundreds!

Sample calling rates (inbound / outbound per minute)
  OneSimCard AT&T T-Mobile
Russia Free / $0.45 $4.99 / $4.99 $5.99 / $5.99
Italy Free / $0.59 $1.39 / $1.39 $1.49 /$1.49
France Free / $0.49 $1.39 / $1.39 $1.49 / $1.49
U.K. Free / $0.39 $1.39 / $1.39 $1.49 / $1.49
Germany Free / $0.49 $1.39 / $1.39 $1.49 / $1.49
Spain Free / $0.59 $1.39 / $1.39 $1.49 / $1.49
Greece Free / $0.39 $1.99 / $1.99 $1.79 / $1.79
Israel Free / $0.49 $2.49 / $2.49 $3.59 / $3.59
Australia Free / $0.49 $1.69 / $1.69 $2.69 / $2.69
Brazil $0.35 / $0.95 $2.29 / $2.29 $3.59 / $3.59
Japan Free / $0.55 $2.29 / $2.29 $2.69 / $2.69
U.A.E. Free / $0.65 $2.89 / $2.89 $2.99 / $2.99
South Africa Free / $0.59 $2.89 / $2.89 $2.99/ $2.99

Prepaid Mobile PhonesPrepaid wireless in the US

If you only plan to use your cell phone domestically, there are plenty of products on the market to choose from. For years we've been offering prepaid mobile plans by H2O Wireless which included H2O GSM Unlimited, H2O GSM Minutes and other plans. To better focus on the needs of our customers, we had to discontinue offering H2O wireless services and other mobile providers.

Currently, foreign travelers visiting the US and Canada can utilize OneSimCard Plus which offers special calling rates in those countries.
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Prepaid Mobile

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