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International SIM Cards and Airtime
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Prepaid International Mobile
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Prepaid International SIM card

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What's included with OneSimCard International SIM Card?

  • One single European mobile phone number for all countries
  • Toll Free number in USA and Canada for guaranteed connection
  • Free incoming calls in over 125 countries
  • One SIM card works in over 200 countries at discount rates
  • $10 initial airtime included
  • Free incoming SMS text messages everywhere
  • Outgoing calls as low as 25c per minute
  • Mobile Internet data service in over 100 countries
  • Send free SMS to OneSimCard phone
  • Make and receive calls from and to all over the world.
  • Voicemail features (turn on or off, your choice)
  • Convenient ways to buy more airtime - from your phone, from the web site
  • Automatic auto-recharge option is available
  • No monthly charges
  • SIM does not expire for one year after the purchase or last recharge

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One SIM card is a prepaid international SIM card that allows you to take your GSM mobile phone overseas, without incurring high roaming charges from your current wireless provider.

It is VERY SIMPLE - all you need to do is to change over to international SIM card when you travel. Save up to 85% compared with your regular mobile phone service. OneSimCard international SIM works in over 190 countries and what is even better, you can receive calls for FREE in more than 75 countries.

All that is required is unlocked GSM Tri- or Quad- band mobile phone.

NOTE: Your SIM card will require a SIM-unlocked compatible GSM cell phone. If you do not already owe an international cell phone, then there are a wide variety of mobile phone models available for purchase.

What is International SIM card?

It is your passport to international mobile roaming while traveling abroad. SIM card is a small electronic device which when inserted in GSM mobile phone enables the phone with the mobile service. Information stored on the SIM card contains your international phone number, balance of minutes, your address book and some other things needed for your mobile service.

How to use OneSimCard SIM card?

Simply install the SIM card in your compatible GSM cell phone and use it while travelling overseas to save on your international calls in 190 countries.

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Prepaid Mobile

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