Prepaid Calling Cards

Long Distance Post offers a variety of prepaid calling cards. All cards offer the lowest rate possible without switching your current phone carrier. Calling cards are for both domestic and international calls. Prepaid calling cards may also be purchased for use outside the United States.

Major features of prepaid calling cards

With a prepaid phone card from LD Post you will receive free reliable consistent and accurate customer service. All rates on calling cards are consistent 24 hours a day, making calling at your convenience. Free with each card are local access numbers or an 800 number for making calls using the card. Every time the card is accessed via telephone an update of minutes used and time left on the card will be given. The card can be used from any touch-tone phone including cell phones, LAN lines, pay phones, VoIP and hotel room phones.

Using Prepaid Calling Cards with Mobile Phones

Already have a wireless phone? Use prepaid calling card to make a call to avoid higher rates of your mobile phone provider

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