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Prepaid Long Distance, Phone Cards, broadband

International Phone CardsInt'l Phone Cards
Prepaid Long DistancePrepaid Long Distance
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Prepaid Int'l Phone Cards
Business telecom Opportunities

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Long Distance POST - Our Telecom Business

affiliate to sell Prepaid Calling cards

LDPOST offers you two separate Business opportunities:

You can become an affiliate and sell our Prepaid Calling cards, without ever buying a single phone card.

All you will need to do is place a link, that we will provide for you, on your web site. You will receive 6% commissions for all purchases your customers made on your web site. Once the customer clicks through from your site, he/she becomes your customer. Even if the next time this customer buys cards directly at LDPOST, you are still going to get paid on every purchase he/she made. You can maintain your affiliate status permanently and keep receiving commissions by supplying only 20 new customers every year.

Sign up on-line

You can buy our cards at a discount and sell them yourself.
Discounts starts at 10% for $100.00 purchase and goes up to 28% on purchases of $10,000 and higher.

For more discount information
call 617-489-5952.

There is no investment needed to become our agent and earn monthly residual commissions for all customers you signed up for us. Commissions start at 6% and can go as high as 14% depending on the monthly usage volume of your customers. It will be easy to find new customers because LDPOST offers quality services, and because we are able to provide the best International and Domestic calling rates without any gimmicks. As an Agent you will be able to sell our telecommunication products and services. By becoming an Agent, you'll discover that working with LDPOST is one of the easiest ways to increase your income. We have agents receiving monthly checks in excess of $15,000.00. You can become one of them as well.

LD post agents, submit orders electronically with the help of our easy-to-use software. Our software will enable you to automatically enter orders without any complicated paperwork.

Our agents receive daily customer status reports and monthly usage reports along with their commissions check.

e-mail or call us at 617-489-5952 today

Join us and start building your own profitable global business, right here, right now - No start-up fee
  1. Great residual commission rates from 6% up to 14%
  2. Full Customer Usage Reports
  3. Electronic order submission
  4. No customer signature needed

monthly residual commissions

best International and Domestic calling rates
mobile cards
cell phone commissions

Belmont Telecom Inc./Long Distance Post is one of the premier telecommunication companies based in the United States. We provide quality telecommunication services around the world. Founded in 1994, Long Distance Post specializes in prepaid services and is committed to providing its customers with the best low-cost, high quality residential and commercial telecom services.

Long Distance Post runs a fully equipped telecommunication web store where customers can purchase calling cards and instantly receive their PIN numbers that are ready for immediate use.

You can count on LDPOST's reputation for reliability and dependability. Your customers will be provided with comprehensive and competitively-priced communications products and services: domestic and international long distance services, data transmissions, toll-free services, calling cards.

Long Distance Post is able to provide such great rates and compete in the industry because of its low cost advertising strategy. While other well known companies spend millions of dollars on advertising, LD Post relies on its ability to provide the lowest cost options for telecommunications to sell itself. Also, separating itself from the competition LD Post offers the best quality customer support available. Customers will always speak to a live customer service representative without having to wait copious amounts of time.

business opportunities prepaid calling   business opportunities prepaid mobile phones
Prepaid Mobile Phones

For the best in telecommunications choose Long Distance Post:
The least expensive way to make a long distance call

about long distance services Service
Pay as you go wireless   Nationwide cell phone coverage

CALL FOR DETAILS About Business Opportunities

LDPOST offers everything for your communications needs

  • Simple and reliable Phone Cards
    We are proud of the great response we receive from our calling card customers. We know that the market is flooded with phone cards that offer large number of minutes, but never deliver, because of hidden charges. Our policy is to always recommend the so-called "clean" cards like Euro MAMA calling card and Global PAPA phone card that have no connection or maintenance fees and simple 1 minute rounding. Still, we offer the best rates to many countries and with our loyal customer reward program our customers stay with us for years.

  • Prepaid Long Distance for cellular and home phones
    We are one of the companies that pioneered the prepaid dial-around long distance services and now increasing the number of wireless and home users that are making international and domestic long distance calls at very low rates using Prepaid Long Distance solution like "Peanuts Prepaid LD". These dial-around long distance services are similar to a calling card - they give users the most competitive rates on domestic and international calls without the hassle of having to memorize and enter a PIN number.

  • Great rates on Prepaid International Mobile Cellular
    Long Distance Post is proud to offer premium prepaid international mobile phone service. We offer mobile service on the GSM networks, as well as SIM cards. Prepaid mobile phones are perfect for people who do not like the idea of being forced to sign a contract and want to save money when they use cell phone abroad. Our prepaid phones offer the same great services that regularly monthly billed phones provide. We offer wide range of prepaid cell phones ensuring customers with the best quality service for their international travel. We also offer international SIM cards for GSM phones with very low roaming charges and very low wireless rates.

  • Quality Long Distance Services with the best rates to many destinations
    We work with some of the biggest and most reliable carriers, like Williams Communications, Power Net Global and Global Crossing to provide a wide range of services - from residential Long Distance service for interstate and international calls to complete business solutions like "Office anywhere".

  • High-Speed Internet and VoIP
    Having just outfitted Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Long Distance Post is capable of providing phone and internet access on a large scale. Depending on the need of our customers we will install as many T1 data/voice lines as necessary to provide adequate bandwidth and phone services. For customers who already have a high speed Internet access and are looking for an alternative to using a phone company, Long Distance Post can provide a broadband phone, which allows users to talk through their internet connection.
unlimited cell phone plans
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Business Opportunities

phone cards Prepaid Phone Cards |  dial around long distance Prepaid Long Distance |  mobile phones Prepaid Mobile |  broadband phone Int'l Call Forwarding |  broadband phone Support 

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