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Prepaid Long Distance Services
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Benefits of our Prepaid Dial-Around Long Distance Services:

  • No-PIN dialing
  • No need to switch your current long distance carrier
  • No expiration period
  • No Maintenance fees
  • No Connection fees
  • 1 min rounding
  • Two Speed dial features
  • Works like rechargeable phone card
  • Auto recharge option
  • Live Customer Service support
  • Local access numbers in most states and Canada
  • Local Access Number in a variety of countries
If you want to take advantage of our very low domestic and international rates, but (for any reason) do not want to switch your current long distance provider - then prepaid long distance service is the right choice. Calls are placed using an access number and you will have an online account with access to your Call Records.

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Select a prepaid long distance plan to see international/domestic rates and features:

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Prepaid Long Distance

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January 12, 2012
Calling to international mobile numbers now costs 80% less! Check all very low current rates.

July 22, 2010
Direct Speed Dial Feature - No more access numbers or special codes to remember!

  • Very low domestic and international rates
  • Easy PIN-less dialing works from up to 20 registered numbers - Share your minutes with family, friends or employees
  • Works like a calling card when a PIN is dialed
  • Local Access Numbers and Toll Free Access Numbers
  • Automatic account recharge option
  • Callback Feature - SMS and Web triggered Callback
  • NEW! Direct Speed Dial feature means no more access numbers or special codes to remember - Assign a unique local or Toll Free number for each contact
  • Conventional Speed Dial feature makes dialing even simpler
  • Online access to all of your calling records
  • No credit checks - No bills to pay
  • Call from your cell phone, office, home phone or from almost anywhere
  • No connection fees, No monthly fees
  • Works from Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and USVI
  • Works from Canada. Canadian local access rates are the same as USA nationwide local access rates. Add 4 c/min for Canada Toll Free access
  • Works from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine
  • Works from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and UK
  • Friendly and helpful Customer Service

Peanuts Prepaid dial-around long distance service is designed for customers who do not want to switch long distance carriers and prefer to prepay for service in order to manage spending.

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Interested in a prepaid mobile wireless service with Free Roaming and all other regular cellular phone features - check Prepaid Mobile services we offer.

If you prefer to customize your order, or if you have any special requests - please call us at 617-489-5952.

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Prepaid Long Distance

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