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Web Triggered Callback Feature
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Callback is a great feature of Peanuts-LD that allows calling from anywhere to anywhere in the world at very low rates. The only requirement is Internet access of any speed. The call is not made over the Internet. Internet is only used to trigger the call, i.e. let us know what two numbers you need to connect to, or what number you want us to call back to.

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There are two options with the callback we provide:

  1. You can specify in your Peanuts-LD web interface any 2 numbers to be connected and they will be connected within 30 seconds or so.
  2. You can specify in your Peanuts-LD web interface to call you back wherever you are - be it in China, Australia or Brazil. We will call you back within 30 seconds of your request and provide you with the regular Peanuts-LD prompt to enter your destination number, so you can call to your party in USA or Tanzania.
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There is an additional feature that allows you to schedule a callback call for a later time, let say in 5 hours or in 6 days. This feature is needed for those who will not have access to the Internet at the time of the scheduled phone call, but need to make this call anyway. Peanuts-Callback will send a reminder for the scheduled call to you and your calling party if you provide the e-mail.

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Web Triggered Callback Feature
Prepaid Callback Program

Another cool feature of Peanuts-Callback is the address book. You can enter your callback numbers and your party numbers and then dial your most frequently called party by name, rather than typing every time their phone numbers. In addition, the log of the last ten callback calls is displayed. You can click on any connection from this log be connected again.

Rates for this service are low and could be found with the help of the best rate finder.

This service is great for Travelers. It is also very good for people calling from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and other US territories, where Toll Free number of Peanuts does not work and there is no local access numbers.

For those who will be ordering callback from not to be trusted computers, like Internet cafe, there is a feature that will allow to reset the password right on the callback page. This makes sure that anybody who is recording computer keystrokes trying to fish your password will not be able to do this.
The calling instructions will be provided once you have Peanuts-LD account.


  • Keep your current long distance carrier
  • Dial an access number and thenthe destination number
  • SKIP PIN with up to 20 preregistered numbers
  • Works also as a calling card with a PIN from any phone: mobile, home and even some business phones
  • 50 speed-dial numbers
  • Simpler dialing with speed dial feature
  • Automatic account recharge option
  • Online access to your calling records
  • Domestic and International rates are extremely low
  • Intrastate rate is the same for all 48 states
  • The billing details are available on the web
  • Works from Canada, Brazil, France, Mexico, Poland, Russia and UK with Toll Free number there
  • Online account management: adding or removing phone numbers from the account, adding funds, etc.

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Web Triggered Callback

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