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If you are a Peanuts-LD customer, you now have even more options for calling abroad. Our Peanuts-LD service takes mobile callback to a new level.

Now, you no longer need to be near an internet connection or have any access numbers to use International CallBack. With Mobile SMS Callback from Peanuts-LD, you have the ability to call wherever you need to whenever you want, and at very low prices!

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SMS-Triggered Mobile Callback reach in features:

  SMS Mobile Callback What is SMS Mobile Callback?
It's the most flexible and easy way to make an international call from any country to any country. It is simple and easy. All you need is a Peanuts-LD account and a mobile phone service capable of sending international SMS Text messages.

SMS triggered mobile callback works This is how SMS triggered mobile callback works:
You send us an SMS text message in which you tell us which two numbers you want to connect, and we will connect you in less than 60 seconds. It's that easy.
Detailed calling instructions will be provided once you have Peanuts-LD account.

sms callback example Here is an example:
Send this message from your cell phone:
    To: +447XXXXXXXXX
    C john
And we will connect your cell with John's number, provided that you have stored both numbers (your mobile and John's mobile in the Peanuts-LD web interface).
SMS-triggered Callback   Mobile Callback

Rates for this service are low and could be found with the help of the best rate finder.

This service is great for Travelers. It is also very good for people calling from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and other US territories, where Toll Free number of Peanuts does not work and there is no local access numbers.

The calling instructions will be provided once you have Peanuts-LD account.

SMS Triggered Callback will cover almost any imaginable situation:

dial-around callback FIND CALLBACK RATE
  • Order a CallBack to be delivered to a different phone number
  • Order a CallBack call from a mobile phone not registered on your account
  • Order a CallBack call to be delivered for a later time
  • Order a CallBack call without getting connected, so you can dial a number yourself
  • Order a CallBack and Connect To numbers by phone number, name, or speed dial number
  • See your call detail records online
  • Make more than one call after receiving a CallBack call
  • Schedule a number of CallBack calls connecting at different time or at the same time
This mobile callback service is tailored for calls made anywhere from abroad, and is not designed to be used in the U.S. where we offer Toll Free and Local access numbers that will save you money locally.

How Mobile Callback Works:

  • International Callback with SMS - send a text message to +447XXXXXXXXX and we will call you back and prompt you for a destination number

  • Special Hotkey functions that make international SMS callback even quicker:
  • Typing C and then the number you wish to call to automatically connects you to that number without having to enter the number after the callback
  • Typing B and then a number will call you back on that number
  • The B+Number and C+Number commands can be used together as long as the commands and numbers are separated by a comma
  • Of course, our extremely low Peanuts-LD rates apply to this service, meaning that you can call some countries for as low as 4 cents a minute!

  • There are even more handy features available in the user manual for Peanuts-LD Mobile SMS Callback. Simply using SMS, you can schedule calls, redial your previous number, and even connect to a new number without hanging up. Before you know it, these are shortcuts that you won't be able to live without!

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SMS Triggered Callback

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