Simpler dialing with SPEED DIAL feature

Speed dial allows you to store up to 10 international and U.S. phone numbers you call most often, and then retrieve those numbers with a 2-digit combination. Please note, that with phone cards, programming will have to be done again for every new PIN purchased.
To enter and change your Speed Dial codes:
  1. While you are listening to the balance of the account, dial star (*)
  2. Select 2 to access the Speed Dial administration menu
  3. Select the speed dial code you'd like to review or change + "#" (for example, 1#)
  4. Listen to the current number assigned to this code
  5. After you hear the old number, enter the new number + "#" (for example, 01178123330085#) - OR - just press "#" to leave the old number
  6. Follow steps 2 to 5 to enter other speed dial codes
  7. Press "0" to exit the administration menu
To use the Speed Dial:
  1. Dial access number
  2. Listen to your balance
  3. Dial the speed dial code + "#" (for example, 1# or 2#, etc.)
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