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International Calling to Syria

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Prepaid Syria phone cards.
Buy calling cards to Syria online and save money

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Call Syria and save money with international phone cards from LDPost

Our prepaid international calling cards to Syria offer high connection quality at low calling rates. There are no contracts to sign or commitments to make to use prepaid Syria phone cards. Finding the best international calling card to Syria is easy! Simply compare Syria calling rates, check the terms of use, select your international phone card to Syria and enjoy your conversation.

International dialing code +963

When calling from USA to Syria dial 011+963+Phone Number
View Rates for calls to Syria, Mobile >>>

Phone card rates for calls from USA to Syria:

Phone CardRate
Frugal Asia phone card Frugal Asia
Frugal Asia
15.3 ¢/min detailsBuy this phone card
Asia MAMA phone card Asia MAMA
15.7 ¢/min detailsBuy this phone card
Global Papa phone card Global Papa
Global Papa
19.3 ¢/min detailsBuy this phone card
The Good Card phone card The Good Card
The Good Card
21.8 ¢/min detailsBuy this phone card
Africa MAMA phone card Africa MAMA
Africa MAMA
22.0 ¢/min detailsBuy this phone card

Syria mobile codes:
+963 93, +963 94, +963 95, +963 96, +963 98, +963 99

Syria cities
CityDialing code
Aleppo+963 21
Banias+963 421
Damascus+963 11
Deir Ezzor+963 51
Gableh+963 491
Hama+963 331
Hasake+963 52
Homs+963 31
Idleb+963 23
Jebleh+963 41
Jisrshogoo+963 441
Kamishly+963 53
Kerdaha+963 492
Kuneitra+963 141
Lattakia+963 412
Nebek+963 161
Rakka+963 22
Safita+963 32
Sweida+963 16
Tartous+963 43
Yabroud+963 192
Zabadani+963 131

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Calling Cards to Syria

phone cards Prepaid Phone Cards |  dial around long distance Prepaid Long Distance |  mobile phones Prepaid Mobile |  broadband phone Int'l Call Forwarding |  broadband phone Support 

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