Please be advised that as of February 1, 2014 Ukrtelecom, Ukraine's telecom monopoly, will be increasing its calling service fees for international carriers including those in the United States. As a result, the calling rates to Ukraine on that date will be adjusted as follows:

Product Destination
Rates, $/min
Night Owl Ukraine 0.099 day / 0.0599 night
  Ukraine Mobile 0.199
Svintus Ukraine 0.079
  Ukraine Mobile 0.189
The Good Card Ukraine 0.109
  Ukraine Mobile 0.159
BlackJack Ukraine 0.089
  Ukraine Mobile 0.189
EuroMama Ukraine 0.102
  Ukraine Mobile 0.199
GlobalPapa Ukraine 0.109
  Ukraine Mobile 0.199
Peanuts Prepaid Ukraine 0.107
  Ukraine Mobile 0.179
Happy Hours Ukraine 0.089
  Ukraine Mobile 0.199
Across America Ukraine 0.250
  Ukraine Mobile 0.250
Biblio Globus Ukraine 0.0119
  Ukraine Mobile 0.219
AsiaMama Ukraine 0.250
  Ukraine Mobile 0.250
AfricaMama Ukraine 0.250
  Ukraine Mobile 0.250
Abla Con Mexico Ukraine 0.250
  Ukraine Mobile 0.250
TeleTzar Ukraine 0.104
  Ukraine Mobile 0.209

We are closely monitoring the situation with rates in Ukraine and hope that any increases will be temporary. Thank you for your understanding and business.

If you have any questions, please contact our support department at:

LDPost Team