Calling from USA to ALASKA

EuroMAMA EuroMAMA EuroMAMA Phonecard

Local Access
Poster rate/min $0.100
Actual rate/min $0.115
Total cost of
5 minutes call
Connection Fee:none
Maintenance Fee:none
Call duration minimum:1 min
Billing Increment:1 min
Card Expiration:3 months after the first call

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Poster Rate per Minute - The rate shown on the poster. It might look incredibly low, but very often this is not the rate you will get. This rate does not reflect effect of Taxes, Minutes Rounding, Maintenance Fees (if any), Connection Charges (if any), Long Call fees and other fees on the card designed to make this rate to look more attractive.

Actual Rate per Minute - The rate per minute that takes into consideration almost all extra charges on the card, except Maintenance Fees and period the card is valid for. Maintenance fees takes away up to 50% of minutes on the card. Actual rate is what you get if you use the card in a single call.

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