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Make Your Business Sound Professional

Whether you are a fortune five hundred company, boarding school, college, small business or home office, it is important to sound professional. With advances in telecommunication systems over the past few years VoIP phone systems are capable of providing high quality service at low affordable prices.

No more per minute charges for domestic calls. Purchasing a commercial grade VoIP plan, whether it’s small business / home office, or a large corporate system, will make your business sound more professional. VoIP phone systems offer far more features then analog phones at a fraction of the cost. Take advantage of advanced features not offered from analog phone systems. Feature include:

  1. Advanced Voicemail
  2. Caller ID
  3. Call Waiting
  4. Call Waiting Caller ID
  5. 3-Way Calling
  6. Portability
  7. Area Code Selection
  8. Call Transfer
  9. Caller ID block
  10. Repeat Dialing
  11. Ring Lists
  12. Find Me, Follow Me
  13. Call Forwarding
  14. Distinctive Rings
  15. Multi Line Extensions
  16. Music on Hold
  17. Multi Purpose Mail Boxes
  18. Message Notification
  19. Web and E-mail Delivery
  20. Auto-Attendant
  21. After Hours Greetings
  22. And much more…

Businesses with high volume long distance calling should take advantage of VoIP phone plans and save on their calls. Almost all VoIP plans include nationwide domestic long distance calling free. VoIP phones also have extremely low international rates and are an easy way to avoid the high per minute charges from your long distance carrier.

VoIP phone systems provide the same high quality connections as traditional analog phones. Rather then using phone lines to transmit the call, voice data is broken up into packets and traveled over the Internet; similar to an e-mail.

Why overpay for your companies telecom system. Receive better features and a more technologically advanced phone system for less then your current bill.

To receive a quote for your companies VoIP systems or to learn more about VoIP solutions call (800) 640 – 2599, or visit

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